#MeToo Movement

Hey, squash-da-bully nation :) A recent powerful movement has been created. The #MeToo movement was created by a celebrity community after one actress spoke up about being sexually harassed by a person of power in the film industry. These persons of power are fortunately getting busted for it. How it relates to our cause is it is like being bullied in the sense that the sexual offender was making them tolerate the abuses in order to keep or get their job. This is literally the definition of bullying, which is,“Using superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.” These victims are being forced into doing something they don’t want to do by intimidation from people whose status is superior to them in their industry. By relating sexual harassment to bullying it shows how there are different types of bullying to think about aside from the traditional bullying we relate to when talking about bullying. I hope in some way or another you show you stand with them. There a lot of photos, and articles that have been going around based on the movement. You will find many actors and actresses speaking up and outing their abusers. Let us work together to spread the word for these victims. #WeBelieveYou

  • Suggestions on how you can spread the word:
    • Check out the #MeToo photos and take your own and post them on your social media accounts.
    • Post on your social media accounts your opinions on the movement.
    • Create your own videos discussing the movement, and post it on your social media accounts.
    • Speak up if it is happening to you, because by speaking up not only do you empower yourself but you empower other victims. There is power in numbers! Remember this isn’t just for celebs only, this is for the abused no matter what race, gender or sexual orientation you are.
    • Share on your social media accounts articles and photos you find on the movement.
    1. Here are some links to articles written about the #Metoo movement, and photos in solidarity:

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