fyi tutoring program!

Hello everyone! FYI is proud to announce that we will be offering tutoring to students virtually. Please go to and click on the fyi tutoring program tab to learn more information. As you know I have been an advocate for youth since I was 15 and have been participating in programs that empower children since I was 11 years old. When I started Fight Your Ignorance (FYI) my goal was to put a stop to bullying  and expose the different ways that kids get bullied. I have traveled to schools where students were experiencing different forms of bullying, which ranged from exclusion, physical violence, to cyber bullying. Since I started Fight Your Ignorance I have graduated college and am now passionate about becoming a teacher. My goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment so that students can enjoy learning. Obviously, in noway, could I have imagined that our schools would be shut down because  of the COVID-19 virus. My job applications for a teaching position at a school in New York City have been placed on hold, as there are many uncertainties at the moment. However, I do understand that many parents are faced with having to homeschool their children, while maintaining their job(s). I have talked to some of my anti-bullying advocates and we have decided that we would like to virtually offer our services online to help you home school your children. I’ve attached 4 bios, including mine, with tutoring fees. If you are experiencing hardship, please don’t be discouraged, we would love to help. Click here to learn about our tutors and set up a session today!

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