About Us

F.Y.I. Fight Your Ignorance

F.Y.I. is committed and focused on exposing ignorance for its negative impact on young people. We execute on this mission by manufacturing and promoting trendy apparel featuring messages that call out certain behaviors as socially unacceptable. As with the company’s founder, F.Y.I.’s messages are usually candid, edgy, and sometimes controversial. They are all, however, intended to stop ignoring divisive bully type behavior, and instead seek to shine a light on how shameful these actions are. Whether you are the bully or the bullied, F.Y.I. firmly believes that the damage inflicted will usually last a lifetime. In the long run, both sides are victims. It is precisely this belief that drives F.Y.I. to focus on its vision of eliminating bullying all together. Much like racism and other socially disgusting acts, bullying has no place in a civilized society. F.Y.I. believes that it is time parents, schools, and society at large begin to respond to such deplorable acts of bullying by fighting back instead of simply ignoring, and in rare cases rewarding, such cruel behavior. It is our intent to frame the different types of bully acts and then label them as socially unacceptable in the minds of all kids. F.Y.I. develops messages that create immediate negative social consequences for both the act of bullying and the bully actors.


By purchasing one anti-bully t-shirt you will accomplish three things :)
1. Support a good cause
2. Donate to Oakland Children's Hospital and "It gets better" project
3. Be a member of "squash-da-bully nation" :)

Founder chief 'squash-da-bully' officer:

Zayanne Rifai